Friday, April 21, 2017

Who Are You?

How fareth thee, o followers? Good, I hope. So, I’m going to wax a little…I don’t know, strange? Today I’d like to ask a question? Do you know who you are?

     Hey, stop laughing! I’m being serious. Do you know who you are? Most of us would at once answer, ‘Of course I do, you fool!’ But how true is that answer? The number of people that actually don’t know themselves is staggering. You’d be surprised. I was surprised. Would you believe that things such as insecurity, unsureness, anger, and confusion (not to mention ignorance) are so rampant in our society right now, that in all likelihood the majority of the people you know struggle with at least one of these things regularly? I mean like every day regularly. And probably more than one.
     This has led to an unfortunate truth: So many folks believe that they are something they are not. They believe a lie. The worst part of it is they think that it’s true because they’ve convinced themselves that it is, when in fact it is a falsehood brought about by a struggle with one of those struggles I mentioned. They convince themselves that they are something they’re not because their unsureness, anger, or confusion dictated to them. This creates numerous problems for them. Not only are they believing a lie, but they often interact with others in ways that often (not always) leave them feeling somewhat off or at a loss. I mean, if somebody who was generally a good-looking person, allowed insecurity to creep into their minds, allowed it to gnaw away at them like a hungry ant, by and by their interactions with others would begin to conform to that way of thinking. They might begin to wear clothes that hid or disguised their natural looks, become reluctant to be in any situation that placed attention on them, and, when meeting with someone whom they thought was generally good-looking, would be unreasonably cast down in their own sight.

     Now, to some of you it may sound like I’m painting the individuals of whom I speak in a very weak-minded light. That’s not what I’m saying. The mind is a powerful, powerful tool. It has influence over our bodies and hearts. When you allow a disrupting thought to come in like that and gnaw away at you, it will change the way you think, and thus it will change you. I didn’t realize just how grandly this problem persisted among the inhabitants of society (or at least, not to the extent that I do now). It is an unseemly blight within the ranks of humanity; a rotting seed that needs to be plucked ere it flowers.
     You see, that’s how to deal with it. You have to get rid of such thoughts the moment they rear their heads. How, you say? Well, let me list a few things:

#1 Stop looking for things that aren’t there.
     Are you generally good-looking? Then stop looking for the blemishes that you do have (because everyone has them) and making a great deal out of them! Gosh! You’ll never be perfect (or look like those folks in those lying men’s and women’s magazines) so understand that. Man.

#2  Be truthful and be willing to take action.
     What I’m about to say may seem like a contradiction of my last statement, but it’s really not. Are you putting on some extra pounds in that belly of yours? First, be sure that that is indeed the case, and you’re not just trying to be Henry Cavil or Gal Gadot. If it is, then don’t just lament over it and wear loose clothes. Get up and do something about it! Jog a mile, eat more greens, do some pushups and sit-ups. And for goodness’ sake stay away from that McDonald’s food! (Although Carl's Jr is okay; they have an awesome four for four deal with better burgers!)

#3  Live your life.
     Look, even if you’re not as good-looking as you want to be or as thin or as fat or tall or as short, guess what? People don’t care. You think that random salesclerk who gave you a dirty look in the mall when you told her your waist size in order to try the pants she recommended is going to give any further thought over you once you’ve left her sight? Does that random guy who laughed and called you ‘chunky’ when you passed him on the sidewalk even know your name? Does the 6’3’’ health coach that said to you, “Ideally, the proper height for a healthy and happy life should be 6’3’’” know anything about your life? Maybe you crawl into short and narrow pipes for a living! And are any of these people, any of them, going to go out of their way to help you achieve any of these goals that they think you should attain? No. No. And no. So who cares? Get on with living your all-too-short life, because happiness is a choice.

Alrighty then, I suppose I’m done for now. Maybe this has given you something to think about or maybe you’re unsubscribing. (Are you really?) In any case, I’d like it if it was a small help to at least somebody. But then again…does anybody even read these posts??

Keep Strong!