Friday, November 27, 2015

It Is A Black Friday Indeed

How did it come to this? When did one of the largest and most important holidays of this country’s history became the starting line for the rampage of unchecked, savage mobs?

Thanksgiving. I know that that word is lost on many of us, so I’ll go ahead and say it again. Thanksgiving. The name of a highly important day that is set aside by the people of this country to, you guessed it, give thanks. A day where we’re to consider how fortunate we actually are, as opposed to how unfortunate we could be. Really, I wonder how many folks actually consider as they complain that their twenty lb. turker is too rich, or that they don’t like mashed potatoes, or that someone forgot to buy bread rolls, that there are uncounted people in this mighty U.S.A. (some more than likely living within walking distance) who are unable to enjoy even one tenth of such a feast. We feast on this day, oh yes. It is a sign displaying our good fortune, and rightfully to be enjoyed to the fullest and not scorned. You sit around your table surrounded by the folks most important in your life and indulge with gratitude in the sumptuousness that you’re able to consume…and then you decide that it’s not enough, leap up from your table before your food has made its way to the small intestines, and rush to stake your claim among the barely controlled to the wholly unrestrained rabbles that flood the stores that own your souls.

It was with vexation and a deep frown that I was informed that Black Friday actually begins nowadays on Thanksgiving day itself. Forget the importance of the day. Who cares about enjoying what we have? It’s not worth the same length of time as a high school reunion. I wish for no misunderstanding: I do not say that Black Friday is, of itself, a bad thing. It is supremely unfortunate, however, that the very same people one will hear going on about how thankful they are for what they have early Thursday morning will be the same folks striking, shoving, trampling, and even stealing from their fellow men Thursday evening. I’ve seen the headlines, the photos, and the videos. The shopping mobs are hardly short of wild rabbles. They fall just under that mark only in that they move with an unshakable purpose. The people comprising them want one thing—To find and secure the best deals they can before the person next to them.

Why is this a problem, one might ask? I don’t care how cheap the high definition television is, I don’t care how marked down the latest ipod is, I don’t care if you can find five fantastic wonders for your children that would normally break your bank now priced like birdseed. Nothing on those shelves, absolutely nothing, is worth attacking another human being for. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. I’ve seen people trampled and ignored, I’ve read about folks taking weapons into the store for the purpose of fighting off competitors to their desired items, and I’ve seen said fights occur with such a spirit of selfishness and violence that it bordered on feral. Black Friday has become one the most shameful things I’ve seen.

It is most wretched to have to face the realization that people are not really going to do much better. In fact, if this condition continues as it is, it will most definitely get worse! Nobody loves a good deal, a really good deal, as much as I do, but I didn’t go to the store today. Without the root of thankfulness the tree of appreciation fails, and the seed of presumptuousness blossoms. From presumptuousness comes arrogance, and arrogance is the garden bed of greed.

There is little left to say really. ‘Do better’ might be sound advice, but if ordinary people can turn into wild stampeders, raging hoarders, and savage brawlers against their fellow men all for the sake of a marked down item that is ultimately going to break or be used up, ‘better’ isn’t nearly enough.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! (Yeah, I know, kinda lame to repeat the exact words as the title in the first sentence.) However, 'tis the season for the giving of thanks and the eating of over-sized fowl, the visiting with relatives and....the reading of books!! Of course it is. Who doesn't enjoy curling up in the warmth of somewhere cozy when it's chilly outside, lost in a realm between the pages? Some people get time off from work, school, or whatever it is they would otherwise be doing this season as well. So, with a little bit of extra free time on your hands, I thought I'd go ahead and treat any who wished to accept with a sale!

The kindle version of Strife Of The Mighty is currently marked down to a mere $0.99 once more. This sale is temporary, but will extend longer than usual--long enough for all of you guys to grab yourself a copy. I hope that we can meet soon between the pages. Happy Holidays! (Ugh...I just said that again, didn't I?)

Keep Strong!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fall News And A Muse

Ahhh, Fall. A lovely season, no? Personally, I’ve always found cold weather more romantic than warm. It seems to set a nicer mood for movie watching or a day out for a walk, a night out at the mall and especially a cruise through wild, rugged, and beautiful terrain. In fact, I think… Uhhh… ANYWAY…

So, how’s your Fall been? Where I live the colors didn’t really do what they were supposed to. They took long in coming and departed swiftly, though I shan’t complain much. So far the really cold weather has been kept at bay; this time a year or two ago there was snow and ice on the ground. I was stuck in me driveway! This Fall, though, I’ve been able to take it somewhat easier and enjoy a few of my local Fall festivals. Where I live, there’s a lovely little festival held in one of this state’s state parks (a worthy place), which features anything from ancient automobiles to carnival rides to overpriced trinkets and food. I mean, seriously overpriced. I mean not-even-kidding overpriced.

It may interest you to know that I’ve been signed onto my local library system as a sort of creative writing teacher/instructor/mentor. I’ll be tutoring and working with the young in matters of poetry and stories and so forth. I will occupy this position for several months to come, so I hope those poor guys can endure me. (P.S. To any of my local folks who are reading this, you guys should absolutely drop by or bring your kids by if you wish. We’ll have a good time. J) In other light news, Strife of the Mighty is moving forth. I received word from a friend all the way in Australia that they’ve gotten their hands on a copy. It’s nice, y’know? To find that your book is being read all the way on the other side of the world. I’ve got a few U.K. readers as well. It’s heartening to discover.

And speaking of the U.K., I’ve recently started watching Sherlock, the BBC series. Hmm… I can see what all the hype is about but… Benedict Cumberbatch is no Downey Jr. Nor is he an inspector Poirot (pronounced Pwar-oe). But he is a good character, I must say, and I think he does an okay Sherlock, but…good googly-moogly that man looks weird! And I do believe that Martin Freeman is a wee-bit one dimensional as an actor. I know that there are folk out there who would disagree, but that’s okay. It’s just my opinion after all. But take a look at him in the Hobbit, then take a look at him in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (*shudders in revulsion*) and then take a look at him in Sherlock. He acts pretty much the same way in every one of those parts. But hey, I’m no actor…

Keep Strong!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Author Interview And a Quick Shout Out

Hey, you guys! Just popping in with a quick update and to let you all know that I've taken part in a lovely author interview courtesy of I really enjoyed it, and hope you guys will find a bit of interest in the interview.

And while we're on the subject, even if you don't read the interview you should still visit the site. It's great. It's a big help to indie authors who write scifi and fantasy, and it has a decent outreach. There's promotion (both paid and free) that ought to be taken advantage of, information on many authors of the genres as well as a large selection of books for you to choose from! Oh, they also offer editing services as well; always a big help as we authors know. However, their biggest impression left on me is their willingness to help indies. I mean, they really mean it. Several of their free promotional services attest to this fact. There're not many generous helpers like that out there, guys. Why wait? Pop on over!

Keep Strong!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Has It Really Been So Long???!!!

Egad!! My word!! Goodness gracious!!! Mama mia!! Blah!! Can it really have been so long since last I posted? I guess the simple answer is yes.....

I suppose I've nothing to say in my defense, though, in my defense, you wouldn't believe some of the things that have been going on that have prevented me from posting (sort of).

#1     I was in an accident!!! Honest through and through. No, it wasn't my fault. The side of my vehicle was grazed by a large (large) truck coming round a corner too narrowly. And no, I wasn't hurt, thank you for asking. Luckily, it was only a graze and nothing more serious (I dread to think!). Things were settled well, and we are all not-so-soon on our ways. I've a picture or two somewhere, but I've lost them currently....

#2     I was out camping. For eight days. And in those eight days I had some of the worst internet imaginably conceivable! Really? you ask. Yes, really! I could barely make a phone call. Imagine if Bigfoot had been on the prowl. If you want me to talk about the camping, I will say that unlike other times I've slept outside, this time I happened to be very uncomfortable. My back ached. My legs ached. My arm ached. And my jaw ached from complaining how much I was aching. However, the company was grand, and the food was sweet. There were little to no bugs, and the weather was mostly fair. Foolishly, I neglected to get any pictures of this time.

#3     I participated in a talent showcase event thingy. The preparation for this was somewhat laborious, and the day itself somewhat tense. However, all in all, it turned out well (and I even gained some chickens from it (long story)). People were touched, voices were raised, and I caught a chill because the air conditioner was turned down so low.

So you see, it's not that I don't want to post and keep you guys informed, it's just that sometimes, things are against me. Notwithstanding, I should have made another post some time ago. I suppose I wish to have something to write about, you know, something interesting to tell you guys instead of just ramblings on a page. Oh well, I guess I can maybe post book reviews and ramblings and ravings when all else fails.

Keep Strong!

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Bit Of My Other Writing

As promised, I've at last decided to put up a bit of my other writing for you guys' perusal. Enjoy! (Don't be too harsh now.)

A Riddle Tale:

The Fastest Runner

Once, there was a king who wished to know which of his relatives was fastest on his feet. So, sending forth his servants, he bade all those ones who thought themselves swift to meet on a great plain that was within his kingdom on an appointed day. A contest would be held. Not a race, for the king thought that too simple, but a test of skill as well as speed. When that day arrived so did the relatives of the king who were to compete. They were his uncle, his cousin, and his niece, all of whom thought themselves the fastest of the family. The king stood upon a small mound holding a round stone in his hand.

“Here stand you all on this plain,” he cried, loudly enough to be heard by all his subjects whom had shown up to witness the event, as well as the contestants. “Each of you thinks he or she is the swiftest, now prove it. In my hand I hold a stone; when one of you is ready I will toss it into the air. Whoever performs the greatest feat of speed before it lands in my palm again- that person is the Fastest Runner.”

The king’s uncle stepped forward first, carrying several lengths of twine. He bent his back and arched his hands, and when the king tossed the stone up off he dashed. He sped out into the plain, caught and bound five cheetahs with his twine, and brought them back to the king just as the stone landed.

Next the cousin of the king stepped up, shaking his arms in warm up and carrying a large sack, and when the king threw the stone skyward he sprinted away. He rushed out into the plain, stole all the honeycombs from seven hives before the bees even took notice, stuffing them inside his sack, and brought them back to the king just as the stone returned to his majesty’s palm.

Then the king’s niece stepped forth, carrying under her arm a sizable, clay vase, and when the king hurled high his stone she too ran off. She darted right into the plain, snatched up a single flower of every color, sticking them in her vase, and brought them back to the king just as the stone came down.

Now who was the fastest of the three?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Library Workshop

Hoy there! Today was the first part of my two-part presentation on creative writing at my not-so-local library! It went well, it went well. There was darkness and there was grey skies, there was soda and cupcakes, there was a projector, a presenter, and prestige! My loyal assistant (sister) managed to snag a picture or two. (I apologize ahead of time; they're a bit dingy.)

There was a larger turnout than I had expected, and there were some attentive listeners. I do believe that those who attended departed feeling that at least one or two of their questions about character development and world building were answered. It was interesting. As I said, it was part one of a two part presentation, so I am looking forward to delivering the second part on the eighth of July!

Keep Strong!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Bit Of What I've Been Up To

I know, I know, it's been a little while since I've been on, and for that I'm sorry. But seriously, I do not lie when I tell you that my computer's been on the fritz somewhat. Really it has. Anyway, I thought I'd update you all on what's been going on with me, and such because you're all so interested.

This Memorial Day I went to one of my favorite places on earth: The local Renaissance Fair (I totally spelled that without once looking at my spell check.) It was great! The sights, the smells, the fun, the music, the laughter, the absolutely unattainable expensive period costumes! (Sigh) Good times! One of my favorite acts out there this year was definitely Serina. (Check them out on the web, guys, they're cool!) Here's a picture:

I really like their whole theme. They're the Sirens come to haunt us with their song. (Cool face-paint, huh?)

The fair had authentic jousting, sword-fighting, turkey legs, kilts, ohhhh, everything. Here's a few more pictures.

(Don't mind that weird guy in the middle.)

Yeah. Great times.

So, besides the fair, I also got published in my local newspaper:

"Local Author in Town! Everyone flock hither!" Not the exact quote, but at least this picture was in the paper. I won't complain. Moreover, I now have a Twitter account. I know, I know. Let's not talk about that too much. But for those of you who wish to follow me on that, feel free to.

What else is going on..... Oh, I am going to be appearing at my not so local, local library on June seventeenth, doing a program for teens on creative writing. I feel that it will be something to remember. If you're in the area come on by! Let's meet one another. I will be at McAlester Public Library (that's McAlester Oklahoma.). Here's a link to their site.
That'll be nice. Well, nothing much more to report just now, but I'm glad to be sharing again. I think that I'll go ahead and post some of my writing here sometime. Y'know, just to shake things up.

Keep Strong!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Strife Of The Mighty Book Giveaway!

You read the post right, folks. I'm hosting my very own giveaway for my 400+ page epic fantasy novel- no strings attached! I'm giving away two printed copies to two lucky individuals, signed and brown paper wrapped! You want a chance to win one, you say? Well, it's easy. Just follow the link below and hit the button that says 'Enter To Win'. At the time I am typing this the giveaway has 14 day left. Two weeks. So go on, follow that link! My gift to you.

Keep Strong!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Thoughts On A Master Writer's Writing

I’ve been doing some thinking, pondering, and observing lately… about fantasy books, writing style, and Tolkien. Anybody that is into the fantasy genre knows well the name J.R.R. Tolkien, he is, more or less, the father of the fantasy genre, the man who paved the way for the thousands upon thousands of stories that followed his road (to any serious scholars reading this, I know he didn’t invent fantasy so please don’t skewer me; I’m just making a point). But I’ve noticed something interesting as of late, and that is: How many people would have accepted the Lord of the Rings today?

‘Really?’ you say. ‘Are you even asking this?’ you scold. And I say, yes!

Many people go on about how Tolkien was a master craftsman in the writing world, how he wove the tale and made it soar with his words, and yet those same people will fall to complaining when they come across a book in which description is a key factor. Too wordy! they cry. Where is the action? they demand. They seem to forget that the main thing Tolkien set out to do (and did) was not to tell a story for the sole purpose of making it chock-a-block full of action, death, and romance, (even though it did have these things) but to tell the story he invented the way he invented it. He was concerned with presenting the tale in its true form in the style and way that he enjoyed.

Classics we call the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings now, and yet I’ve heard the same people that do so swear that the very same elements that make up the tales of Middle-earth bog down a novel. How is this? I think that, in today’s time of instant everything, many of us have forgotten that books are not movies. It may seem inconceivable to some of us when a book doesn’t just thrust us into action sequence upon action sequence, broken up only by the main character’s petty self-doubts or failing romance. Must a book be chock-a-block full of description or such in order to be a full book? Of course not! And never did I say so. But it is worth it to me to remember that there are books and then there are movies. Movies give us a visual experience, leaping from one thing to another while attempting to provoke our emotions with the sights they provide. With books, we have to provide the visuals for ourselves, and that is where legible and thought-evoking description becomes indispensable.

Tolkien was a master at this, as well as a master tale-weaver. But it is important to remember that his works (classics we call them today I believe) remained true to themselves, action-less, romance-less, and boring though I’ve heard them called.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m off to read the Two Towers.


Keep Strong!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kindle Deal

Hello, everyone! Thought I'd let you all know that the ebook of Strife Of The Mighty is currently available on Amazon for only $0.99! This shan't last for long, so grab your copy today!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Snowy Musings

As some of you (or none of you) probably know, parts of Oklahoma were visited recently by a nice snowfall. Nothing like what they get in merry old New England, but still several inches of cold, fluffy cold. I like snow, unless it makes me cold. I like snow, unless it melts. I like snow so long as warm walls separate it from me. Hey, it's really nice but who can stand that chilled, itchy feeling your toes get?

Be that as it may, an adventurous fellow like myself sees the glass-half-full option in everything (almost). This snowfall presented me with a fine opportunity to get outside and try and garner some writing inspiration. Things like heavy snowfall usually help with my creativity. Some people take long walks or watch the rain. Everybody has their own thing. I like really getting into what I do.

Okay, so I really, really got into it. What can I say? Eccentrically unconventional. You'd be surprised how different things help combat writer's block.
 Keep Strong!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Interview Today.

Hey, people. Thought that I'd inform all of you guys about my interview with fellow author Justin Bienvenue! Gratitude for him for the interview. It was a great time with nice questions. I had fun answering them. You can read the interview  here IAT: Interview with Julius Bailey
You'll find info on my early writing life, get a feel for some of my habits and operations, as well as see a picture of me standing in front of... a brick wall!! So what are you waiting for? Drop on by!

Keep Strong!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One Of My Musings...

There are few things more satisfying to a writer than the gratification of a completed project that he or she has invested much in. To behold the finished work with satisfaction… well, there’s nothing quite like it. That’s why it’s so important to write only what you enjoy writing or would like to read yourself. Even for a short book—a novella I think they call it—there is so much time and effort and labor put in that you would be doing yourself an injustice not to. Anybody who’s sat in front of a computer screen for months on end knows what I mean.

Each and every word you write is created from within you; when you write a novel you place an amount of yourself into that novel. Imagine how horrible it would be if that amount of you was inserted into something you didn’t like! The book wouldn’t work at all. Not at all, precious. Personally, I can’t imagine spending my time creating anything I don’t thoroughly revel in. Write a great book. Write the best book out there. Just be sure that it’s a book you completely enjoy.

Monday, February 9, 2015


At last, at long last, as I promised and waited for myself, Strife Of The Mighty is published and available for purchase!

Grab your print or kindle copy (or both) here:

This is an exciting time, folks! I hope that all of you find something for yourselves while exploring the kingdom of Vrandalin. If you'd like, once you've finished the book, share your thoughts about the novel on Goodreads ( or Amazon (
I hope that we meet soon between the pages!

Keep strong!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Proof Copy!!

I know, I know, I am telling you this a few days after it happened, and for that I am sorry. I've simply been rather swamped. Anyway....
Last week I received by UPS my first official proof copy of Strife Of The Mighty!! That's right. I held the labor of my hands for six years in my, well, hands! Of course I will here include a photo.

No, my head is not really shaped like that. But there it is, folks! All printed and bound. It's 6 x 9 and paperback; as I said there will be an ebook version as well. Some brief tweaks are to follow now, and soon you too can lay hold on your very own copy!
Keep strong!

Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year Brings New Things (In this case, good things.)

Greetings, everyone. As you know the release of my book is just around the corner, and I have good news concerning that! Previously, I had said that the book would only be released in ebook format to begin with. I am quite happy to announce that I will now be releasing a print version as well as an ebook version simultaneously! Excellent, most excellent. Don't you think so? I do.

For those of you who are awaiting the novel so patiently I thank you from the bottom (as well as the top) of my heart. Strife of the Mighty should be available to all no later than February! Of course, I shall make a post the very day it is loosed into the public.

Right then... Keep well for now, folks, and may we meet soon between the pages. And of course, a happy new year to all of you.