Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Bit Of What I've Been Up To

I know, I know, it's been a little while since I've been on, and for that I'm sorry. But seriously, I do not lie when I tell you that my computer's been on the fritz somewhat. Really it has. Anyway, I thought I'd update you all on what's been going on with me, and such because you're all so interested.

This Memorial Day I went to one of my favorite places on earth: The local Renaissance Fair (I totally spelled that without once looking at my spell check.) It was great! The sights, the smells, the fun, the music, the laughter, the absolutely unattainable expensive period costumes! (Sigh) Good times! One of my favorite acts out there this year was definitely Serina. (Check them out on the web, guys, they're cool!) Here's a picture:

I really like their whole theme. They're the Sirens come to haunt us with their song. (Cool face-paint, huh?)

The fair had authentic jousting, sword-fighting, turkey legs, kilts, ohhhh, everything. Here's a few more pictures.

(Don't mind that weird guy in the middle.)

Yeah. Great times.

So, besides the fair, I also got published in my local newspaper:

"Local Author in Town! Everyone flock hither!" Not the exact quote, but at least this picture was in the paper. I won't complain. Moreover, I now have a Twitter account. I know, I know. Let's not talk about that too much. But for those of you who wish to follow me on that, feel free to.

What else is going on..... Oh, I am going to be appearing at my not so local, local library on June seventeenth, doing a program for teens on creative writing. I feel that it will be something to remember. If you're in the area come on by! Let's meet one another. I will be at McAlester Public Library (that's McAlester Oklahoma.). Here's a link to their site.
That'll be nice. Well, nothing much more to report just now, but I'm glad to be sharing again. I think that I'll go ahead and post some of my writing here sometime. Y'know, just to shake things up.

Keep Strong!


  1. Can you add links to your other online social platforms for easier access? I keep social links in the side bar. You can also add an About the Author tab at the top of your page. It would help with some online visibility and help you get some more follows.

  2. I had trouble locating your Twitter link.

    1. Well, I've just straightened out that locating problem. Thanks for pointing that out!