Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fall News And A Muse

Ahhh, Fall. A lovely season, no? Personally, I’ve always found cold weather more romantic than warm. It seems to set a nicer mood for movie watching or a day out for a walk, a night out at the mall and especially a cruise through wild, rugged, and beautiful terrain. In fact, I think… Uhhh… ANYWAY…

So, how’s your Fall been? Where I live the colors didn’t really do what they were supposed to. They took long in coming and departed swiftly, though I shan’t complain much. So far the really cold weather has been kept at bay; this time a year or two ago there was snow and ice on the ground. I was stuck in me driveway! This Fall, though, I’ve been able to take it somewhat easier and enjoy a few of my local Fall festivals. Where I live, there’s a lovely little festival held in one of this state’s state parks (a worthy place), which features anything from ancient automobiles to carnival rides to overpriced trinkets and food. I mean, seriously overpriced. I mean not-even-kidding overpriced.

It may interest you to know that I’ve been signed onto my local library system as a sort of creative writing teacher/instructor/mentor. I’ll be tutoring and working with the young in matters of poetry and stories and so forth. I will occupy this position for several months to come, so I hope those poor guys can endure me. (P.S. To any of my local folks who are reading this, you guys should absolutely drop by or bring your kids by if you wish. We’ll have a good time. J) In other light news, Strife of the Mighty is moving forth. I received word from a friend all the way in Australia that they’ve gotten their hands on a copy. It’s nice, y’know? To find that your book is being read all the way on the other side of the world. I’ve got a few U.K. readers as well. It’s heartening to discover.

And speaking of the U.K., I’ve recently started watching Sherlock, the BBC series. Hmm… I can see what all the hype is about but… Benedict Cumberbatch is no Downey Jr. Nor is he an inspector Poirot (pronounced Pwar-oe). But he is a good character, I must say, and I think he does an okay Sherlock, but…good googly-moogly that man looks weird! And I do believe that Martin Freeman is a wee-bit one dimensional as an actor. I know that there are folk out there who would disagree, but that’s okay. It’s just my opinion after all. But take a look at him in the Hobbit, then take a look at him in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (*shudders in revulsion*) and then take a look at him in Sherlock. He acts pretty much the same way in every one of those parts. But hey, I’m no actor…

Keep Strong!

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