Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Well, This Made My Day.

Greetings, all! How have you been? Not too wet, I hope. We had a powerfully awful storm up this way last night. I enjoy rainy days, and sometimes rainy nights; I am not, however, I huge fan of storms. (Such things can be admired from the safe distance of a television screen.)

     But I'm writing this post to bring you guys' attention to the latest review written about Strife of the Mighty. Good gosh, you've got a Kirkus? *Psh!* No, and who needs those? This review is, without a doubt, the longest, the most detailed, and the most dissecting that Strife of the Mighty has yet received. And it was written by somebody I could actually visit with in my not-so-local library! Close to home! Really, it touched me and caused me to consider, and as it did such I felt compelled to share it with you guys!

     Now, it is important to note that the writer of this distinct review is in possession of a blog of their own, where they post their own thoughts and their own writing. This blog of theirs is also connected to other sites where they can be discovered (and more of their writing), so I would encourage you to check their work out! The name of this reviewer that I have not named until now is none other than Cinthia McCracken! (I know, right? You wish you had that last name. I know you do.)

Here is the link to her blog where you can view the review and other works of her hands. Cinthia's Blog!

     Let her (and me (maybe)) know what you guys think of her thoughts on my novel. Now be forewarned: To those who haven't yet read Strife of the Mighty, there are some light spoilery things in the review (it's length demanded it), but nothing story-ruining. She'll thank you for stopping by!

Keep Strong!

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