Friday, October 28, 2016

Camping Trip!

Ahoy, my good peoples! I do hope that all is well with you and yours, and that the fall colors are setting in to their full extent wherever you are. The ones around my place sure are! Recently, I've been totally absent on all of my internet platforms ('What?' you say. 'I never even noticed you were gone!') Well, the reason for my absence (if you did notice it, that is) was that I went on an awesome camping trip! It was really, really great!

     I got to link up again with dear friends, forge ties with new ones, dance and sing, and even eat vegetarian food! I know, right? The merriment lasted for eight days, and it couldn't have been better. Well, except for the night it rained chilling rain and wet the inside of our tents and clothes, forcing me to seek shelter in a populated foyer for the night... I got a few pictures, though not as many as I ought to have (there was just never a dull moment!). Take a look. I'll share a few.

Just chillin' and taking a drink. And for those of you wondering, the hand sign is the sign of the Three Feathers!

He's here, he's there, he's anywhere: It's the Everywhere Man!!!
Great guy and even greater friend. Hope our paths cross again soon, Christian.

Introducing Señora Laurie, la maravillosa! And the young and tender Ben! Fantastic person. If you don't know her, then you're missing out.

Ain't there nothing quite like a smilin' young'n?

Relaxing by a smoldering fire is the only way to fully reduce stress. They know it.

But only when the fire flames like the mane of the Balrog does it hold you mesmerized.

And joining Senora Laurie are two more increíble women. K. and Isabel!

Nine-square, anyone?

And last, but by no means least, I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting someone who's wonderful spirit even now affects me. Were I to tell you that Cyan Campau has a heart as mighty as a dragon's but as gentle as a dove's it would fall utterly short of the reality. Everything about her radiates strength, peace, and beauty. I have never met her like, and she has left an impression that shall never fade. May we meet again someday, Cyan!

And there you have it. I've been around a little. I may have some other photos somewhere, and if I do I'll try and post them. Those eight days were fantastic. 'Nuff said.

Keep Strong!

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