Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Important Things.

What are the important things in life to you? Really. Give it a thought for a moment. Hobbies? Friends? Pets? Socializing? Family? I’m going to wager that, among whatever else you thought, most all of you were in agreement with family and friends. Splendid, after all what could be more important than the ones you care about and who care about you? Hold on now. Let me ask you this: Was December the 25th or is today and tomorrow the only times you made time to visit them? Some of you will say ‘of course not!’, but some of you may say something else. If you are among the folks who said something else, then I’d like you to consider this: Something—or someone—is only as important to you as you make it.

     What do I mean, you may ask? Well, I imagine that all of you try to spend time doing whatever those things are that you find enjoyment in. Despite the busy schedules that our lives lead us on these days (curse you, smartphones) we all do seem to find time for making ourselves feel important. Now, of the important things that came to mind when I asked what you considered important in your lives, how many do you actually, willfully, make time for? You see, you can go on about how important something is to you till the end of time, but if you never really show it, take the time to show it, take the effort to show it, than it truthfully is not that important to you at all.

     Lots of folk claim to place importance on so many things, and yet so little of those things really matter to them. I hope that, as this year comes to a close, you will think hard and decide what is—or who is—truly important to you, because nobody ever fooled others or themselves forever.

Keep Strong!


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  2. Very well said. Even though its kind of cliche, it still rings true, that action will always speak louder than words.

    1. Action (or the lack thereof) always speaks poignantly. Words can lie or be hollow. Thanks for stopping by, April!